Marmo Canova


With matching laminates

EDL Compact is our response to an innovative and streamlined approach to modern worktops. A structured, double-sided panel manufactured under high pressure and high temperature, it is suitable for demanding applications. An interior design solution which combines outstanding product performance with sleek aesthetics, EDL Compact offers great creative freedom, so you can follow your inspirations without constraint.


A true pragmatist, EDL Compact is functional and versatile and can be used in an array of applications. From residential to commercial, hospitality to retail.



Bay Window

Island Countertop



Resistant to heat

Resistant to impact

Resistant to moisture

Resistant to scratch

Resistant to stain


EDL Compact is available in two thicknesses: 6mm and 10mm. Choose 10mm for worktops; and 6mm for backsplash and other wall applications.

Italian guidelines stipulate a minimum thickness of 10mm for horizontal worktops. The recommended thickness allows for enhanced durability and optimal performance.

Innovative Cores

Apart from standard black cores, a curation of our compact collection is finished in colour cores. EDL colour core compacts are high quality surfacing materials with innovative cores.

black core

Black Core

For our main collection - sleek, modern and undeniably chic.

Thickness: 6mm and 10mm

Size: 3050 x 1300mm

white core

White Core

For white marble decors - creating seamless, elegant designs.

Thickness: 6mm and 10mm

Size: 3050 x 1300mm

bio core

Bio Core

For selected wood decors - innovative multicolour wood cores for creative expression.

Thickness: 6mm

Size: 3050 x 1225mm

matched colour core

Matched Colour Core

For FENIX® decors - luxuriously finished, the choice material for top brands worldwide.

Thickness: 10mm

Size: 3050 x 1300mm


EDL Compact decors are available with matching thin laminate sheets for seamless design integration.

warm aquiles walnut

Warm Aquiles Walnut

LSC-WB 9066T

With matching laminates


Edge Profiles

EDL Compact offers useful customisation options for your unique projects.


Choose from our pattern library, or send us your own creation. Patterns will be scaled according to individual project requirements.

Sink Covers

Add form to function when not using the sink, for increased counter space. Cover design and pattern are customisable.


EDL Compact surfaces should be cleaned regularly but does not require any special maintenance, just a damp cloth with warm water or mild detergents. Almost all normal household cleaning products or disinfectants can be used perfectly well, as long as they are not abrasive or highly alkaline.