The product

What is Fenix NTM®?

It is a new smart nanotech material for interior design. It is a high pressure laminate produced using next generation resin developed with the help of nanotechnologies to provide this new material with novel properties.

What does NTM mean?

Nano Tech Matt.

What are the unique properties of Fenix NTM®?

The five main properties are: 1) low light reflectivity, extremely matt surface; 2) anti-fingerprint; 3) thermal healing of micro-scratches; 4) soft touch; 5) resistance to scratches and abrasion.

Which certifications are related to Fenix NTM®?

FENIX NTM® adheres to internationally recognised technical standards and Greenguard IAQ (FENIX NTM® as a product designed for use in indoor spaces meets strict chemical emissions limits). Kindly contact us at marketing@edleuro.com for further enquiries.

The product range

Is Fenix NTM® suitable for horizontal applications?

Yes, it is suitable both for vertical and horizontal applications.

Can clients get the high-res decor pictures?

They can be all downloaded in high resolution online.

What is the panel size available?

The panel size is available in 3050 x 1300 x 0.9mm.

How many decors are available?

The current collection is made up of 5 solid colours.

Are matching edge-bands available?

Yes, matching ABS edge-bands are developed by EDL for FENIX NTM. Edge-bands are available in 23 x 1mm and 45 x 1mm.

Is there a postforming grade in the Fenix NTM® range?

It is not available yet.

The material features

How many times can the surface be repaired by thermal healing?

If the structure of the material is not damaged, the thermal healing repair can be made infinitely.

Has the removal of microscratches need to be done immediately?

Tests have shown that the removal of micro-scratches by a melamine foam sponge takes place both immediately and after 24h.

Which is the Fenix NTM® surface specular reflectance?

FENIX NTM® surface is extremely matt: 0.2 gloss at 20°, 1.5 gloss at 60°, 10 gloss at 85°.

The manufacturing process

What is the manufacturing process?

70% of the FENIX NTM® manufacturing process consists of high pressure thermo-lamination; 30% implies the use of technologies and processes that involve the use of next generation resins, nanotechnology and EB curing.

What kind of nanotechnologies are being used for Fenix NTM®?

The nanotechnology applied in FENIX NTM® results in a superior scratch resistance and in the reparability of micro-scratches. FENIX NTM® features the superior scratch resistance properties of particles that are so small (nano-sized, smaller than 100 nm) that they are not visible to the naked eye. Applying smart high-tech processes, these nanoparticles are evenly dispersed into a specific developed coating for FENIX NTM®. After curing the coating, the nanoparticles are fully integrated and fixed inside the outer layer of FENIX NTM®.

What is Fenix NTM®'s core made of?

It is made of paper and thermosetting resins.