The Collaboration

For EDL's second collaboration, we partnered with acclaimed architectural firm K2LD Architects. The partnership is built on shared values of presenting ideas through refreshing interpretations.

"We are always keen to explore fresh and
unexpected ways to present our brand to
our clients. The collaboration with
K2LD is an example of that."

- Daphne Lim, Director at EDL

The Installation

This year, the project centred on our new smart material for interior design FENIX NTM®.

"What impressed us very much about FENIX NTM is
its surface properties - the incredible "matt-ness"
of the material absorbs and reflects light in a
way that makes it look diffused and soft. It is
very soft to touch yet very hardy. We find
this duality of the softness and hardness
in a single material quite exceptional."

- Ko Shiou Hee, Principal at K2LD Architects


Interior Design has a new material.
Made in Italy.

FENIX NTM - a super opaque nanotech material - is an innovative interior design product that combines elegant aesthetic solutions with state-of-the-art technological performance. It is produced with the help of nanotechnologies to provide this new material with novel properties, opening up new avenues in the field of interior design.

Making of HIVE as an Object-Sculpture-Pavilion

Concept & Experience

Inspired by the nanotechnologies behind the regenerative properties of FENIX NTM, HIVE seeks to call attention to the structural logic that is prevalent in nature. Using one simple element as a basic building block, a complex structure is created that expresses symmetry and balance.

Externally, three of the darkest shades in the palette of FENIX NTM are used in a spiralling formation to suggest a sense of movement. The understated colours are used to heighten this sense of a spinning object and hopefully draws people into the centre of the HIVE to discover a spatial and visual array of multi coloured laminates, almost a reward for those who dare to venture into the belly of the HIVE.


K2LD is a boutique architectural firm committed to delivering bespoke design solutions for every project. The firms ideas are rooted in the "sense & sensibility" of architecture. Elements of space, light and materials are crafted to create an architectural experience that delights the senses, and the continual refinement of human aspiration, technology and environment are key sensibilities towards the emergence of beauty and excellence in design.

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