The Collaboration

EDL collaborates with acclaimed architectural firm Formwerkz to present an installation using high pressure laminates. Between the two, they've discovered a common passion for design, a mutual respect for materials and a collective desire for innovative excellence.

Speaking on the collaboration, Gwen Tan, partner at Formwerkz said, "It's great that we share a passion for good design that we constantly strive to reinvent the ordinary and to inspire through our work. There's beauty in all materials but more often than not, the simplest expression is the most beautiful."

Typically used for tabletops, wall cladding, and cabinet coverings, the application of EDL laminates as a sophisticated and refined building block introduces a new dimension to the material.

"It was rewarding to work with Formwerkz.
They are constantly pushing boundaries for
the incubation of ideas and creativity. We
see this as a great way to engage the
wider design audience to experience
the EDL brand and philosophy"


The Installation

Formwerkz created 'The Tree', a structure comprising an assembly of laminate fins, inspired by the vision of an enchanted forest. 'The Tree' exemplifies the idea that true minimalism involves maximising the different roles and functions a single design gesture or object
can fulfill.

The laminate fins are designed with an emphasis on simple construction to make flat-packing easy and allow for handy repurposing. A unique locking system secures each fin in place by bare hands, making for fuss-free assembling and dismantling. EDL's laminate designs are showcased through the myriad of layers formed by these tiers of fins, adapting and complementing any design space.

"I love the idea that a single simple object can
embody so many layers of messages. It's an
installation that a 3-year-old could enjoy as much
as an 80-year-old. We believe that design should
be made accessible to the mass and be spread or
enjoyed through these works more readily."



In the true spirit of the theme 'Future', the installation resonates 'Sustainability' through its reusability. "We used a narrative approach to tackle this very familiar topic," explained Gwen. Designed around this principle, 'The Tree' morphs with the advent of each festive season, reconfiguring each time to fulfill new purposes. An evergreen specimen, each metamorphosis harks back to the need for respecting natural resources, thus answering the theme, Future.

Concept & Experience

Inspired by the vision of an enchanted forest, the play of light and shadows can be experienced from within the installation, much akin to walking through a forest and admiring the silhouettes of the trees from below. The installation is designed to have a dialogue with the ever-changing quality of daylight in the space. The intensity of shadows experienced from within as well as seen from the exterior of the installation will fluctuate according to the light conditions - both natural and artificial.

The installation's structural frame acts like a clothing carousel, allowing the laminate fins to be hung in tiers. The orchestrated array of colours in each tier depicts the colours of the forest in each season. Visitors can appreciate the rich tapestry of a forest displayed via the two different laminate applications on each fin: one side showcases EDL's natural timber designs, while the other features solid tones found in nature across seasons.

'The Tree' will never look the same from different angles; it is ever-changing yet always relevant and timeless in its application.


Formwerkz is a multi-disciplinary design practice that often go beyond the typical parameters of architechtural and interior projects both in local as well as foreign context.

We are interested to create new perspective with the familiar, to give new meaning to the forgotten, and to tell beautiful stories through a simple palette.

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