The Collaboration

For Singaplural 2019, we collaborated with Formwerkz Architects to present BO(U)LDER,
an installation featuring our stone laminate collection.

The Installation

BO(U)LDER is a sculpture of laminates and illusion. Under the theme: “Unnatural Phenomena”, the installation takes inspiration from the unique quality of laminates to blend paper and finish into an entirely different surface.

A stone laminate is able to embed the heavy, blocky characteristics of natural stone within its light, thin sheet. Intrigued by this unnatural combination of qualities, Formwerkz wanted to reflect the illusive nature of laminates with BO(U)LDER. At first glance, the design takes on the shape, look, and behaviour of a natural stone. On closer observation, the smaller details let the sculpture morph from a smooth, hard solid to an airy, soft veil.

“The result is a material perception — an illusion —
that goes far beyond its raw ingredients.”

- Formwerkz

Welcoming light between tiny spaces of the facade, visitors are able to experience the play of shadow within and beyond the installation throughout the day. The way BO(U)LDER interacts with varying light conditions offers new perspective with each visit and from different angles.

The Design Process

“Just as we want to push the idea of stone beyond natural stone, we also want to push the idea of laminate beyond its conventional use, to showcase its many (and often hidden) capabilities.”

– Formwerkz

BO(U)LDER is made up of 473 unique stone laminate pieces carefully cut, bent and interlocked. Typically applied on flat surfaces like table tops and walls, the installation sees laminates being shaped into curved complex surfaces. With the introduction of Kerfing and Curve Folding techniques, coupled with the precise control of a computational model, the two-dimensional laminate is transformed into a three-dimensional volume.

The outcome is a proof of concept that weaves module with joint; structure with form; and computation with craft; in a sculpture that redefines the expectations of laminates.

Formwerkz is a multi-disciplinary design practice that often go beyond the typical parameters of architectural and interior projects both in local as well as foreign context.
We are interested to create new perspective with the familiar, to give new meaning to the forgotten, and to tell beautiful stories through a simple palette.

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