01 Arts for Social Inclusion

EDL is in the business of good design and we believe in its ability to create inspiring experiences. Supporting the arts is a natural fit for our philosophy and an extension of our core business. We believe that arts should be made easily accessible to everyone, and its inherent power as a vital tool for social inclusion

02 Very Special Arts Singapore
(VSA Singapore)

VSA Singapore is a charity launched in September 1993 to provide people with disabilities with opportunities to access the arts for rehabilitation and social integration.

www.vsa.org.sg >

03 The Very Special Tree #EDLforVSA

EDL is pleased to gift S$30,000 to VSA Singapore. We built on our brand, and involved key stakeholders such as our people and our partners in an effort to raise awareness for the cause.

An installation done in collaboration with Formwerkz was renamed ‘The Very Special Tree’, dedicated to VSA Singapore. Showcased at Changi City Point, we also invited VSA Singapore’s visual artists to paint their vision of Hope on five residuals ‘trees’ placed around the installation.


04 Photos From The Event


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